Mini-Ex Yanmar VIO45 W/Thumb 10,400 lb.

daily: $260 • weekly: $875 • monthly: $2475

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There is a 10% damage surcharge on all rentals.
Ask about available commercial exemptions.

Bucket Options

18" Tooth

24" Tooth

36" Ditching

 In 1993, Yanmar introduced the world’s first zero tail swing excavator.
Today, the ViO45-6A turns completely within its own tracks, with the
stability of a conventional excavator. So you can trench and dig in the
extremely tight spaces that other excavators simply can’t get to. Add to
that a new 39-hp Final Tier 4 Yanmar diesel engine that sacrifices none
of the legendary power and unmatched fuel efficiency that’s been part
of Yanmar’s legacy for more than 100 years, and you’ll always be the guy
they call when conditions are the toughest.
A. Shipping   Length of Unit 17.3 ft in
B. Width   to Outside of Tracks 6.4 ft in
C. Shipping   Height of Unit 8.6 ft in
E. Ground   Clearance 1.2 ft in
G. Height   to Top of Cab 8.6 ft in
H. Tail   Swing Radius 3.2 ft in
I. Max   Cutting Height 19.5 ft in
J. Max   Loading Height 12.8 ft in
K. Max   Reach Along Ground 19.1 ft in
L. Max   Vertical Wall Digging Depth 8.9 ft in
M. Max   Digging Depth 12.1 ft in