14" Hand-held Gas Cutoff Saw

daily: $55• weekly: $185 • monthly: $475

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Please note:
Rental price is for saw only - diamond blade is additional charge

There is a 10% damage surcharge on all rentals.
Ask about available commercial exemptions.



  • Engine displacement 68.7 cm³
  • Fuel mixture 50:1 (2% oil)


  • Easy starting – unique automatic choke system
  • Easy self-maintenance – starter rope and filter replacement
  • Cyclone filter – for maximum filter lifetime and consistent high power
  • Maximum cutting speed thanks to customized blades


  • Paving construction: Cutting curbstones and paving slabs to size
  • Road construction: Perimeter cutting in asphalt and concrete
  • Floor construction: Cutting expansion joints in fresh concrete
  • Metalwork: Cutting steel profiles, pipes and steel sheets
  • Construction work: Cutting out openings in brick or concrete walls