2016 Meyer Home Plow #25000 Hydraulic Lift w/ Auto-Angle™


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2016 Meyer Home Plow #25000 Hydraulic Lift w/ Auto-Angle™
Blade Height 22 in.
Blade Width 6 ft. 8 in.

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Hydraulically-Powered Lift with Both Wireless And Wired Controllers & Auto-Angle™ 

Slightly faster than the electric motor version, this power option controls the up/down motion of the 22" tall moldboard with a hydraulic power unit that is activated by an in-cab controller. The right/left motion of the plow is controlled by the HomePlow's patented Auto-Angling™ system. Unlike other snowplows, there is no need to manually adjust the blade. To accommodate your preference, included with this model are both the wireless and hard-wired controllers. (6' 8" moldboard)

How It Works
  • Now you can plow your drive, remove the plow and be on your way in minutes. It's easy with the HomePlow by Meyer.
  • Easy On, Easy Off with Quick-Link™: The HomePlow connects with Quick-Link™: an easy-to-use component that slides into a Class 3, 2-inch front receiver hitch. It has a small hydraulic power unit for power-up/gravity-down operation. Integrated mounting wheels let you attach or remove the plow in less than a minute, leaving no visible hardware behind.
  • Up, Down, Right, Left… From the Comfort of Your Driver's Seat: The HomePlow allows users to control all operations from the warmth, comfort and safety of their vehicles.
  • Auto-Angling™ Blade Movement - Keep Your Eyes on the Road: The Auto-Angling system senses the weight of the snow and automatically angles to push snow off to the side. Or, if you prefer, you can lock the plow in the direction you want.
  • Easy to Maneuver and Store: You can detach the HomePlow in less than a minute, and the caster wheels make it easy to roll it to wherever you want to store it. When not in use, the HomePlow's compact design and caster wheels make it easy to store. The wheels also make it easy to position the plow when attaching or detaching from the vehicle.
How It's Made
  • Easy to Use and Easy on the Wallet: Unlike expensive, heavy, and hard-to-install traditional snow plows, the affordable, lightweight HomePlow is easy to install, use and store.
  • The HomePlow, by Meyer: The HomePlow is made by Meyer Products, inventors of commercial snowplows in America. We know a thing or two about snow removal and we developed the Home Plow specifically for homeowners who drive SUVs or light pick-ups.
  • Easy to Install and Store: The HomePlow comes fully assembled to minimize initial installation time, and there are no auxiliary lights. All that’s required is a 2-inch, Class-3 front receiver hitch (sold separately) available for most SUVs and light pickups. When not in use, the HomePlow’s compact design and integrated caster wheels make it easy to maneuver and store. The wheels also make it easy to position the plow when attaching or detaching from the vehicle.