Sno-Way Commercial Plow Blade Revolution™ HD Series 10' 0"


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Sno-Way Commercial Plow Blade  Revolution™ HD Series 10' 0"
Blade Height 29 in.
Blade Width 120 in.
Cutting Edge 1/2 in. x 6 in. Proprietary Steel
Plowing Width 104 in.
Weight 865 lb.

Fits 3/4 Ton To Class 5 Trucks  - The Revolution™ HD Series Snow Plow is designed to provide maximum snow moving flexibility and capacity for 3/4 ton to Class 5 trucks. This 10 foot wide, 29 inch tall plow is designed to flat out move more snow for the most demanding professional. 

The patented fully controllable, independently moveable 13-1/2" wide wings allow you to make your Snow Plow a full open plow to a box end plow in a matter of seconds. While other “expandable” plows have wings that move out and forward 20 degrees, the Revolution HD allows the operator to move the independent hydraulic wings to tackle any difficult situation. 

When you combine the fully hydraulic Snow Plow independent wings with the ability to also angle the plow, the operator will fit through the tightest areas while still capturing up to 6.1 cubic yards of snow. Also included in this beast of a machine is the Down Pressure hydraulic system which delivers an additional 250 pounds of down force on the cutting edge with the push of a button. Match this plow with the Pro-Control – wired or wireless – It provides three Macro controls allowing the skilled operator a memory function that he can set for any repeated operation – talk about efficiency! 

The Revolution™ HD Series snow plow with patented Down Pressure® on a one ton or larger truck will cut your plowing time in half easily when compared against any plow in the market. Back-dragging, scraping, scooping, windrowing, capturing, moving, pushing, cleaning and ultimate efficiency are what you get with the Revolution HD Series snow plow from Sno-Way. No other plow on the planet has this capability and provides this ultimate control. Move it!

  • Patented Ground Hugger™ Blade Design: Keeps Plow on the Ground
  • Tube Steel/Tab-Slot and Lock Construction: Engineered for Load Force Absorption; Engineered to Last
  • Fast-Force Hydraulic System
  • Pre-Drilled Top Blade Rail: Allows for E-Z Installation of E-Z Fit Deflector
  • 150° Hydraulic Wing Rotation: Infinite Snow Moving Adjustability
  • Triple-Coat Protection: Zinc phosphate wash; Automotive E-Coat primer; Military grade powder coat
  • Down Pressure® Hydraulics System: Scrapes clean forward and back dragging; Increases snow-moving efficiency 30%
  • EIS™ – Energy Interruption System: Down-time reduction; Corrosion elimination; Plug and play design
  • Model: RevHD-10'-0"
  • Blade Width: 120"
  • Angle Plow Width: 104"
  • Blade Height: 29"
  • Weight Steel: 865 lbs.
  • Cutting Edge: 1/2" x 6" Proprietary Steel
  • Vertical / Diagonal Ribs: 6 / 0
  • Trip Springs: 2
  • Plow Lights w/EIS™ Technology: Dual Halogen
  • Down Pressure® Hydraulic System: Standard
  • Wireless Pro-Control: Optional
  • Mount System: Drive In
Typical Applications
  • 3/4 Ton: F-250, Ram 2500, 2500 Sierra, 2500 Silverado
  • 1 Ton: F-350, Ram 3500, 3500 Sierra, 3500 Silverado
  • Class 4: F-450, Ram 4500, 4500 Sierra, 4500 Silverado
  • Class 5: F-550, Ram 5500
NOTES: Complete plow weight does not include weight of subframe.