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The Yanmar Flexwing Rotary Cutter is lightweight, but not to be taken lightly. Please resist the urge to underestimate our lightweight flexwing rotary cutter. Its innovative design is purpose-built for smaller, more fuel-efficient tractors, so you’ll save money every time you have to mow. But since you’ll never sacrifice the performance you need to cut weeds and light brush up to 1.5 inches in diameter, you’ll efficiently make short work of pasture brush control, waterway maintenance, and municipal vegetation management.


We have 2 models to choose from:

Tractor PTO HP 35 Minimum 40-90 HP
Transport Width   96"
Cutting Height Range (in.) 2-12" 2-12"
Cutting Capacity (in.) 1-1.5" 1.5"
Blade Tip Speed (fpm) 14,300 fpm center/ 14,900 fpm tip 15,270 fpm
Approximate Weight (lbs.) 2,450 3,120
Blade Dimensions (in.) 0.5 x 4" 0.5 x 4"
Cutting Area Shielding Standard Chain Shielding Rubber Belting or Chain
Main Driveline Cat 4 Cat 4 CV
Wing Driveline Cat 3 Cat 3
Tractor Hitch Swivel Clevis Clevis
Cutting Swath (in.) 144" 180"
Side Frame Depth (in.) 10" 10"
Deck Thickness (in.) 12 Gauge 0.12"
Hinges/Hinge Rod Diameter (in.) 1" 1"
Vertical Shaft Size (in.) 2" 2"
Splitter/Spindle Gearbox HP 160 / 90 HP 160 / 90 HP
Blade Type Blade Bolt, Hi-Tilt Blade Bolt, Hi-Lift
Blade Overlap (in.) 6" 6"
Hydraulics Wing Flex 90 degrees up, 22 degrees down 90 degrees up, 22 degrees down
Suspension Spring on Center Spring on Cylinder
Wheel Type Options Laminated, Used Aircraft, Foam-Filled Aircraft 15" Rims; 21" Laminated; or 24" new Ag
Gearbox Warranty (limited) 6 Years 6 Years
Side Frame Thickness (in.)   0.18"
Deck Type   Smooth, Sloped
Material Flow System   Partially Baffled Deck
Stump Jumper Type   Standard Bolt On
Overall Width x Length (in.)   190 x 170"