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With so many uses, it seems insulting to just call it a rake. Spread topsoil and gravel. Remove stones and debris. Prepare soil for planting or seeding. Grade livestock areas and gravel driveways. Clean up construction sites. Even renovate a pasture. These ruggedly durable landscape rakes can handle everything from the toughest cleanup jobs to the precision raking you demand for lawn care and general maintenance. Which means you’ll run out of jobs long before you run out of uses for your rake.


As you can see below, we have 5 models available! Stop in, call or email for details!

DUTY Standard Standard (premium) Standard Standard (premium) Standard (premium)
Quick Hitch Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Width (in.) 52" 72" 72" 84" 96"
Parking Stand Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Gauge Wheels Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional