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Holes. Its all they do. But you will be surprised by how many ways holes in the ground are useful. Make short work of miles of fence line, a sturdy new deck or an acreage full of new plants and shrubs. With their heavy-duty, welded construction, rugged gearbox with tapered roller bearing, spring-loaded seals and forged-steel teeth, these posthole diggers won’t back down from tough soil conditions. Add a range of auger bit diameters and you’ve got just the right tool for landscaping, farming or municipal jobs.

We have 3 models for you to choose from:
Model    YPH25    YPH35    YPH65  
  DUTY     Standard     Standard     Medium  
  Tractor PTO HP     14-25     20-35     25-65  
Hitch Cat. / Type   Cat 0, Limited 1 & Cat 1     Cat 1     Cat 1 & 2  
  Approximate Weight (lbs.)     140     146     194  
  Drive Type     Gearbox     Gearbox     Gearbox  
  Standard-Duty Auger Bit (in.)     6x36, 9x36, 12x36     6x48, 9x48, 12x48    
  Heavy-Duty Auger Bit (in.)       6x48, 9x48, 12x48, 18x48     6x48, 9x48, 12x48, 18x48, 24x48  
  Heavy-Duty Pilot Auger (in.)         18x48 (pilot 9), 34x48 (pilot 12)