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You will always plant with confidence. The precision seeders and food plot seeders give you the flexibility to handle primary seeding, over-seeding, and special applications such as planting native grasses and establishing food plots.  These seeders offer three seed box options to fit the widest possible selection of seed types.  Cool season grasses, warm season, legumes, oats, wheat, barley rye, prairies grasses, wild flowers, radishes, soybeans — these seeders can handle it
all. Gain efficient, one-pass planting of up to three seed types simultaneously. On models equipped with three seed boxes, plant two different grass seeds at grass seed depth while planting a legume seed at its ideal planting depth. All seed boxes can be engaged/disengaged independently with a single lynch pin – no tools required. Along with seed box combinations, accessories include front spiked rollers, disc blades and cast iron cultipackers.

                                            Model                                                                                        YPS48                                                                                            YPS60                                                                                            YPS72                                            
                                                DUTY                                                                                                 Standard                                                                                                     Standard                                                                                                     Medium                                                
                                                Tractor PTO HP                                                                                                 25-40 HP                                                                                                     30-45 HP                                                                                                     30-75 HP                                                
Hitch Cat. / Type                                                     Cat 1 & 2                                                                                                     Cat 1 & 2                                                                                                     Cat 1 & 2                                                
                                                Quick Hitch Compatible                                                                                                 Yes                                                                                                     Yes                                                                                                     Yes                                                
                                                Drive Type                                                                                                 Ground                                                                                                     Ground                                                                                                     Ground                                                
                                                Working Width (in.)                                                                                                 49"                                                                                                     60"                                                                                                     72"                                                
                                                Seed Metering                                                                                                 Fluted & Picker Wheel                                                                                                     Fluted & Picker Wheel                                                                                                     Fluted & Picker Wheel                                                
                                                Front Roller Spikes                                                                                                 (128) 0.5x2" Carbide Steel                                                                                                     (160) 0.5x2" Carbide Steel                                                                                                     (192) 0.5x2" Carbide Steel