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Big snow? Big deal. Whether it’s powdery, crusted, icy or heavy wet snow, you’ll be able to move large amounts of it in small amounts of time with these rugged, dependable snow blowers. Purpose-built especially for subcompact and compact tractors, each features a two-stage design that provides more throwing force with less horsepower, so you can quickly and easily give Old Man Winter the cold shoulder.                  


Model                                                                                        YSB54                                                                                            YSB64                                                                                            YSB74                                            
                                                DUTY                                                                                                 Standard                                                                                                     Standard                                                                                                     Medium                                                
                                                Tractor PTO HP                                                                                                 15-25 HP                                                                                                     15-35 HP                                                                                                     30-50 HP                                                
Hitch Cat. / Type                                                     Cat 1                                                                                                     Cat 1                                                                                                     Cat 1 & 2                                                
                                                Transport Width                                                                                                 56"                                                                                                     66"                                                                                                     76"                                                
                                                Approximate Weight (lbs.)                                                                                                 415                                                                                                     436                                                                                                     592                                                
                                                Quick Hitch Compatible                                                                                                 Yes                                                                                                     Yes                                                                                                     Yes                                                
                                                Working Width (in.)                                                                                                 54"                                                                                                     64"                                                                                                     74"                                                
                                                PTO Driveline Protection                                                                                                 Shear Bolt                                                                                                     Shear Bolt                                                                                                     Shear Bolt                                                
                                                Working Height (in.)                                                                                                 24"                                                                                                     24"                                                                                                     26"                                                
                                                Driveline                                                                                                 Cat 3                                                                                                     Cat 3                                                                                                     Cat 3                                                
                                                Drive Type - Fan                                                                                                 Gearbox                                                                                                     Gearbox                                                                                                     Gearbox                                                
                                                Drive Type - Auger                                                                                                 Gearbox & Chain                                                                                                     Gearbox & Chain                                                                                                     Gearbox & Chain                                                
                                                Auger Flighting (in.)                                                                                                 0.31 x 2"                                                                                                     0.31 x 2"                                                                                                     0.31 x 2"                                                
                                                Chute Rotation                                                                                                 270 degrees                                                                                                     270 degrees                                                                                                     270 degrees                                                
                                                Hydraulic Chute Rotator                                                                                                 Optional                                                                                                     Optional                                                                                                     Optional                                                
                                                Fan Diameter (in.)                                                                                                 22"                                                                                                     22"                                                                                                     24"                                                
                                                Fan Depth (in.)                                                                                                 6"                                                                                                     6"                                                                                                     8"                                                
                                                Replaceable Skids                                                                                                 Yes                                                                                                     Yes                                                                                                     Yes                                                
                                                Adjustable Skids                                                                                                 Yes                                                                                                     Yes                                                                                                     Yes